(last modified March 29,2000)

This is a page for your car or snapshot to be posted. I won't guarantee it, but if it is a good photo I'll be happy to try. I am trying to get representitive photos of all the models and have arranged them that way. In the interests of electronic weight, I have modified some of the photos, made them smaller more contrasty, put in different backgrounds etc. Also, I often will take the opportunity to discuss the model briefly if I think I know anything about it. Where I have that will be indicated by the word "discussion".


Austin Roadsters
Bantam Roadsters
Hollywoods and Convertible Coupes (Bantam)
Speedsters, Rivieras and four passenger convertibles
Austin Coupes
Bantam Coupes
Austin Specials
Pick-up and Panel Trucks
Boulevard Deliveries (Bantam)

Bantam Reconaissance Vehicles

English Austins
Engine Bays, and technical
Bantam Reconaissance Vehicles
Bantam Trailers (will take you to another site.Come back:~))