Pickups, Panels and articulated trucks

(last modified September 21, 2000)

Let's put the Boulevard Deliveries in a category by themselves and consider here not just pick ups, but any of the many variations of little articulated trucks that Bantam or other businesses made specially. In the back of my mind is a truck project like this...purists can relax...this is just a little spiffing up of an actual Bantam publicity project. Here's another old photo of an articulated delivery truck you might find interesting.

And here's a little rendition of a topless version of the pickup of a type that was actully produced by Bantam, or by a business using them as delivery trucks.

The 1939 American Bantam pick up. Ray Ostrander.

The 1938 American Bantam pick up truck of Sharon Ridgeway.

The 1940 American Bantam pick up. Another Ray Ostrander restoration. This later version had rounded corners on the pick up bed. Note that this roundback version is just a panel truck (below) with a notch sawed out of it!:~)

Now here's a pretty Bantam panel truck....

A great looking Bantam panel truck...AND it's for sale.

Here's Bob Brandon and his recently restored Austin pickup truck. Is that three color sheme neat or not!

A '38(?) squareback in plain black. Very nice indeed. Hey nit-pickers, are those original headlight buckets? Lots of Bantams have had to go to sealed beams for safety and legal reasons.

A handsome twotone '38 square back....

Looks like another nice '38 squareback with amber driving lights.

Here's a rare and beautiful Austin pickup that you can own yourself! Check out the buy/sell page where it has an asking price of 15,000. With this one abd Bob Brabndons above we might have 20% of the total running Austin pickups! Anymore out there that want a picture up? Send 'em in!


Last but not least I guess I shoul put my own little '40 pick-up in here as well. This one's for sale too..check out the buy and sell section. Try 12,500.