American Austin Roadsters

(last modified August 22, 1999)

The original American Austin designs of 1930/31 were penned by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky who was then working for Hayes. (He also very cleverly did the "Deco" update for the Bantam, reportedly for a mere $300). Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the car, besides the size of course, was the "LeBarron Sweep", or scallop on the side. This is very often painted a contrasting color in Austins...and in some Bantams, and a lot of Bantam restorations, but the factory discouraged it in the Bantam as it was really not particularly "Deco", and, it drew attention to the fact that the body tub was really the same as the earlier Austins.Tsk tsk. Just like us Americans to downgrade resourcefulness!

Austin Roadsters

Here is Elmer Chancellor's very fine little '31 Roadster (In Kentucky) Elmer is a very knowledgeable guy in the techincal aspects of these cars especially. Forward looking too. Unlike a lot of us more comfortable with a spanner than a keyboard, Elmer's an active internet user as well as mechanic. You can see his beautiful Hollywood in the Bantams snapshots

An extemely crisp Austin Roadster (photo Jerry King)
...and another very tastfully restored Austin Roadster.
E x- Norm Booth '31 Austin Roadster with a pleased onlooker.


Austin Roadster with the top up

with the hood up

and, a view from behind