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There isn't a lot of material on the Sunbeam Alpine Sports on the Web (hence this page, right?), but here are a few references.


The Supreme Sunbeam Page

Not a whole lot of pictoral stuff on the Alpine Sports itself, but lots about it's history and development if you dig a little. Sunbeams in general.

Rootes Group Sunbeam-Talbots

"Root" around this site and you'll find some STA info such as : Chassis codes and a Complete Bibliography All Sunbeams...For Alpines, you can tell if you have a Mark I or a Mark III. (In classic Brit fashion, there was no Mark II. You have to sift through it to find STA info, but there is quite a bit there.

Bob Hamilton's Sunbeam-Talbots

Bob is pretty much "Mr.Sunbeam-Talbot" on this side of the pond (although Nova Scotia barely qualifies in this regard!) and has several really wonderful Sunbeams, including a fine, Old English White Alpine. Have a look.

While we're about it...Bob gives you a good leg up on PARTS SOURCES here.

John Filiss ' "Motional Memories"

John is developing a wonderful site full of really heavy duty car graphics. By heavy, I mean they are big files and take a while to download, but it's worth it, and if you want to make really great car screen savers, this is the place. .John exercises a lot of discriminating taste on what he puts up on this site both as to what cars and the photos themselves, so every picture is worth it. I feel very honored to have several photos included in his collection.This link is to pictures of my own car , some of which are duplicated here, but his are as I say, the jpgs are heavier, better if you want to print out etc. ,Anyway, cruise around this site while you're there.

John T's 1954 Mk1 Sunbeam Alpine Page

John T here has some nice snapshots of these cars that have apparently been in his family for some years.

Rootes Group Sunbeam-Talbots

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