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Here are some pictures and toys of how the Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine appeared to the consuming public at the time it was being produced, and a few remembering it. (It may be that I have lifted some of these images off of other sites...if so my apologies. I don't seem to be able to find them again with the standard search engines...Please contact me if this has happened, and I'll link to your page or remove it.)

The cover of Road and Track Magazine (December 1953).

..and the cover of Thouroughbred and Classic Cars (Nov 1984)

No one seems to know exactly where this came's a very handsome brochure of some sort, perhaps published as an extra in a magazine surveying all the sportscars? Any help here? It was auctioned off on Ebay...

"To Catch a Thief" 1955 (with comments)

Someone even made a stamp of the Sports.


Here's a photo out of some sort of ID 'all the worlds sport scars' type book. No wonder they didn't sell many!


Now THIS is better...see what I mean about the whitewalls? And no roadster looks good with the top up!

Now this really IS a sportscar! Look at those snappy helmets you had to wear!

A big download here so you can read the copy...a color advertisment. Note the optional Brooklands windscreens...

Here are some toy Alpine "Sports".



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