Revised last 12 July 1999

Let's revive the Bantam!

Here's my latest take on what shape a "modern Bantam" might take. Send me your drawings or other renditions and I'll post them.


Some people like to play fantasy baseball so why can't we play fantasy car company? (Actually, although I am not at liberty to reveal details, there is an enterprise well along in its development which is very similar to what you have seen posted here for 2 or 3 years now. Although not literally a Bantam, the proposed car is very Bantam like in size and feel. More details as they become available.

Microcars make a lot of sense but usually, however loveable, they tend to look a little goofy and out of proportion. My whole interest in Bantams evolved from a fascination with the brilliant job Alexis de Sakhnoffsky did in designing a mini/micro car that actually looked terrific. There are a variety of tastes served for larger cars, so why not carve out a niche market within the coming microcar market?


Here are a couple of my early doodles of what a 'modern' Bantam might look like...


...and here are some old treatments via Photoshop...

And here's a 1940 Alex Tremulis Bantam proposal....


But hey, enough playing around....let's get practical!

What's the market?

A few practical/production thoughts

An a few styling notes.

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