Telling details.

last modified April 28,2000

The Bantam data plate on the right is right where it should be.[ But see later on where I makes some interesting new observations about these plates] The dash is the right size and shape, with the right holes and fastenings (although an additional holes hole or two has been put in it.) Note the brace for the steering column...a very distinctive, complex (Bantam) casting where a simple strap would have done for a prototype. Moreover, I haven't seen them. but would the Bantam drawings have described such a detail in sufficient to actually create a male molding? How long would that take in a crash wartime situation? The foot pedals are Bantam round. Is there any expert out there who would say that this is anything other than a Bantam?

Even the little rolled step down on the edge of the Bantam fenders can be seen here. This looks like the right number and size of louvers to me...any comments pro or con out there?