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    We wholesale to accounts all over the world and would be glad to include your location among them. We do not engage in mass marketing techniques, which, combined with our substantial range of subject matter insures that your customer will see the pins as interesting, fresh and unique. A well lit, eye level display of 40 or so of our pins is visually irresistible.

    We require that you have an indoor retail location. Your initial orders will be paid in advance or COD until your credit line is established, after which you would be net thirty if you so desire.

    A minimum initial order is $250. No minimum after that. It is our recommendation that you go broader rather than deep in a starting inventory. Your customer will have a greater selection and since we carry full inventories of all our designs and ship the same day we get your order, you can refill your stocks very quickly. Fax us, email, call or snail mail.

    We will also extend a wholesale price for one time purchases of fifty or more of a pin of the same design (as fifty hearts, or fifty Golden retrievers etc.) This is an excellent way to provide a momento or incentive or gift for a group without going to the extent of having your own pin made. Call or write for details.

    If you think our pins would fit your location or situation Susan Kirkness or Deanne Lampe can set you up, or answer questions you may have. Just go ahead and Contact Us.

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