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    You would like a Bill Spear pin for your own organization or cause.

    Perhaps half of my design work is for special commissions: pins done for one group ororganization. We have done special pins for the National Audubon Society, National Geographic, the NRDC, the National Wildlife Federation various public interest groups and hundreds of groups and businesses. They are an excellent premium and will last a lot longer than a tee shirt (4.000 years or so we estimate).

    Our minimum is 1000 pins. Price is a function of size, color, type of findings, and a lot of other variables but roughly the range would be from about $2.50 to $4.50 US per unit, FOB Juneau. Most fall into the $3.25/3.75 area.

    After design is decided upon delivery takes three months. Sometimes faster, but we can't guarantee anything faster than that. My design work or technical advice is included in this price.

    NEW. Bike Badges. I am particularly excited about a variation of the pins we have developed for use on bikes. They are curved and adhere directly to frame members with 3M double stick automotive tape. Very durable. These badges are in the tradition of the old enamel "head badges" and the enamels and gold retain their beauty for years of constant exposure. Certainly these would be better than the same old tee shirts and I would love to use your bicycle event as a guinea pig. Let's talk about it bikers...

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