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    Wm Spear Design offers over 900 pin designs which range in subject matter from science, natural history, culture, and art to history, icons and portraits. Each pin comes very attractively packaged in a black "matchbook" bearing our trademark in gold foil and with a provenance card which informs the recipient about the pin and its subject. They constitute a very worthy at a very reasonable prices.

    The pins, designed by , are of the finest enamels, ground, cleaned and applied by hand and hard fired (1600 F) over copper. Individual pins use not only a great number of colors (often 10-12 or more), each of which must be placed and fired separately, but use a great many transparent or translucent enamels which, though very difficult to work with show beautiful nuances in the relief engravings below, and provide a luster not seen in opaque enamels or epoxies.

    The pins generally feature very versatile American made, three piece jewelry grade safety pin findings, or, for smaller pins, a post type finding. The pins are highly polished and electroplated in gold, or in some cases, gold and black nickel to create certain artistic effects. By weight the pins can be considered generally about 75% recycled materials (copper). The actual enameling is done in Free China (Taiwan) by our seven enamelers under the supervision of a genuine cloisonnČ master of very substantial reputation.

    If you would like a full color paper catalog we will be happy to forward one to you for $3.00, (refundable with your first order). All of the pins are depicted on the Web page herein.

    We have been in business over 41 years and we guarantee your satisfaction both as to quality of production and design. We believe that you will not find enamels of this quality anywhere approaching our prices. Ask anyone who knows jewelry.

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