Flicks starring some of our unique pins.

     As soon as we get our feet wet, we will solicit for "scripts" and offer prizes for those chosen, so, be thinking of stories, plots and sight gags using our pins as the cast.  All we will need is a narrative with the cast and stage directions, sounds and backgrounds. If we use it we'll give you a free pin.. and credit as screen writer of course.  However, as any screenwriter knows, the movie will look nothing much like what you wrote, so, learn to love it.:~)

     A minute is okay, but 30 seconds is better. 15 is very cool...Production costs are huge these days!  What? Do you think we're made out of money?

Feeling Hot

Written & Directed by Wm Spear
Animated by Pat Race, Lucid Reverie

This is the first Wm. Spear production, a naughty little film chock full of mischief and peppers. It has everything but the kitchen sink, Bill hasn't made that pin yet.

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