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Tinfoiler and Proud
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    You know this sentiment is perfect for someone you know. Too bad if it isn’t you.

The term “conspiracy theory” was a 1960’s term inserted into our lexicon by the CIA to discredit anyone trying to look into their activities. Still used today by slothful “journalists”. Its effectiveness has worn thin because so many “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be, well, conspiracies. If you are a person who thinks that people of like mind and interests do not get together and develop and execute plans to steal your lunch on the playground, then you need to reconsider your world outlook. That’s what makes us humans COOL! But, even if this a little too strong a medicine for YOU, there is probably an old curmudgeon you know who suspects that the Lusitania actually WAS carrying munitions to England even though everyone “the papers” all said that was nonsense and every one knew that was preposterous! Americans used to be admired for their skepticism. Now, sad to say, they are regarded around the world as gullible fool.

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