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Arctic Tern - Pin
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    I donít know who chose the Ptarmigan as the state bird for Alaska, but it should have been the Arctic tern.

For one thing, it sees more daylight than any other creature on the planet. Light. More light! To do this it travels 44,000-50,000 miles on its round trip migrations from the Southern to the Norther polar regions, and individual birds might travel 1.5 million miles in a lifetime. Sorta reminds me of a 240 Volvo station wagon! They are, with all that exercise, long lived for wild birds; 15-30 years.in Alaska we see them in summer, and, if you get to close to their nests out by the glacier, they might dive bomb and peck you, drawing blood. Did I mention they are incredibly beautiful in their person and flight? I love the way this guy came out.

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