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Red Fox - Pin
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    As far as the Canidae go, give me the fox any day.

A wolf is just a big dog, but a fox is really something different. Sort of a cross between a dog and a cat, they have the most delicate face and features and an absolutely beautiful fur. They have a terrific sense of humor which centers mainly around creative scatology. If you take a pee somewhere near his territory, you will find a pile on the exact spot next morning. If I leave my gloves outside on the ground overnight I will get the same message. I remember one particular instance where a dump truck had delivered about ten yards of perfectly white fine sand which lay in a rural location in a perfect cone. The next morning while walking by I couldn't help noticing that some one of these little clowns had gone all the way to the top and left his little pile on the very exact point of the cone, like a cherry on a sundae. SIZE: 2.75"X1"

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