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Speed Boat - Zipper Pull
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    Such a boat is pure luxury, even more than a yacht.

Here's one of my American icons, drawn directly, as is, right out of the old memory banks. I remember as a boy on Lake Okiboji, (a sort of '50's midwestern Riviera in Iowa near the Minnesota border). There were fancy beach houses there...(well, they seemed fancy to me anyway), and along with the usual canoes or small sail boats, there were these wonderful Speedboats like the Chris Craft 'Century'...all glimmering chrome and hard polished mahogany with red naugahide seats and little flags and chrome searchlights. So anyway, here's the speedboat...symbol of carefree existence. I haven't even put anyone in it so you can picture yourself in the driver's seat. SIZE: 1.75".5"

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