Clever fun and games for clever minds.

     Many of our web customers found us through our early rebus pages. A rebus is a puzzle where a picture stands in for a word in a narrative, and in our puzzles the pictures were of course our enamel designs. Not only were the narratives pretty racy, but many found the links where we sent them for hints to be, well, um, enlightening. The one about how to field dress a human carcass I thought was a nice touch, and served to open a few eyes of early web browsers about what the web was or could be. Ah, the good old days.

     But all good things must pass. The trouble with being an early adopter of a technology is that you are the first one to look stale. Still, those things held up pretty well, but hey, who wants to do a puzzle about Newt Gingrich when he was a minority leader??!!! I am generally floored by the imagination and raw IQ of you people. When I had a contest about making an interesting word out of the letters provided in the periodic table, I didn't just get words or phrases. I got three page letters!

     We have tried to keep the site clean and free of all the gimmicks that eat up band width and have somehow been able to resist the temptation to use our pins to jazz things up on the strictly commercial side of the page. I mean, who wants to wait for some Java, Flash, Shockwave Quicktime file to download and do it's thing when you have a serious jones for a bagfull of those great Bill Spear pins!!??

     What follows then is for people who want to fool around a little. You know who you are. We have lots of ideas, but thought we'd start our fun page by opening a real live movie studio...

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