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Painters since the Renaissance have depicted meat and these pins are my take on it. Still, people continue to ask me why I would do meat pins. They don't blink an eye at 12 square feet of a raw meat still life by Vermeer or whoever. I get no respect from you people. Francis Bacon when asked about one of his meaty paintings said that when he passed one of those Brit butcher shops, he was just happy that it wasn't him hanging up on a hook in there. Anyway, this pin crosswalks big time. My local butcher wears it with pride, while others wear it as an observation about our Western way of delineating the undeliniatable. Myself, when I wear it I wonder what kind of God it was that made a world where everyone is someone elses breakfast. If this is too much for you, please proceed to the hummindbird of kitty page.

BBQ Grill - Pin
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Beef Chart - Pin
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