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     Domestic felines.
     Give your daughter that horse she always want...
     Beef and bacon.
  Marine Mammals
     Dolphins, manatees, and mermaids. And a walr...
     Painters since the Renaissance have depicted ...
     Humans and Humanoids
     These go great with the rabbit pin.
  Small Mammals
     Cotton tail, deer mouse, mole.
     Beluga, humpback, blue, gray, killer.
  Wild Animals
     Wild or mild we have everything from Wolves t...

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Okay you cuddlers, here's a great selection of those hairy, milk-producing, warm-blooded animals that you love so much! Also think about being a little different. If you are going to go to a "Tigers" game, Or a Bulldogs, or Sharks, or whatever game wear one of our beautiful enamels instead of all those junky plastic "official" pins .

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