Here's a great looking 1955 Mark III currently in Eugene, Oregon. An "obscene" amount of money (Norman says about $40,000K US!!!!) has been spent on this very correct and tasteful restoration. Tyres are new, new convert top, has not been driven since restoration, Alpine Mist paint work , all new chrome, new leather interior, new carpets, needs a good run and tune up in that order

Norman Marshall is the owner and can be emailed at 1 or you can talk to him at 1- 250 248-2774.

If you were going to look at the car, you should call Normans friend first in Eugene at 542 687-4648.


This car features the very rare and desirable overdrive as well as a radio...another rare bit. It's really hard to think what else could be done to this car. To make it more desirable. If you ever wanted one of these cars, here is a reare opportunity to have one of the very best.

How much? No one knows...drop Norm a note. He's not being coy, he just doesn't know what to ask, because whatever it is, he's going to lose money. His loss is your gain. Make him an offer he can't refuse...


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