The Soap Opera

You really care? So whaddaya wanna know? Best thing you could do is buy Nan Elliot's great book "I'd Trade My Old Skidoo for You" which gives a nice little sketch of me and some other interesting Alaska types. Send us 20 bucks and we'll send you a copy.

Okay, okay. age: in the 40 - 90 area. Depends who you ask. Birthday is January 2. Don't forget to send me a present. Formative years in Nebraska which is why I am so honest and hardworking. High School at Shattuck school in Faribault Minnesota . Georgetown School of Foreign Service same as Clinton, who was apparently too busy not inhaling to pay attention...considering forming an alumni group to have his degree revoked. What say you Hoyas? Tended bar at Clyde's there in DeeCee.

Law school at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln). Have lived in Alaska since graduation. "Professional career" follows that of Alaska culminating in being Chairman of the Board of what might have been the largest venture capital bank in the world at the time. A predictable political train wreck. A book describes me at the time as "a dreamer" as if that was some sort of pejorative. Decided I was no good at politics which ultimately depend on 1) appearances rather than reality and 2) compromise which is a euphanism for mediocrity. Went to Italy for a while to think this over. Came back and gave up the practice of law when it changed from being helpful in making people useful and productive into an insidious parasitic cancer eating our society alive.

Haven't ever had any formal training, but have always drawn and painted. Became fascinated with the pins because I felt that the ancient art of enameling was being debased by a bunch of yahoos sending a picture cut out of a newspaper to China and having pins made for their fast food franchises. Felt that if the pins were designed as pins, with the strengths and weaknesses of the medium in mind, and putting a bit more effort into the quality, they could be very wonderful items at a reasonable price. I was right. They were and are. The pins became something of an obsession, a general requirement for both art and enterprise. I would do pins as "little paintings" and sell them out of my pocket in bars. Eventually got some other more well known artists involved and sold to real art museums, but, CONTEMPORARY ART was a little slow, and I went on to other subjects, like natural history and have since become more or less encyclopedic. Hope you like 'em.