The long wheel base series I and II/IIA Land Rover is a genuine, solid gold cultural icon. Whenever Madison Avenue or Hollywood wants to promote an image of exotic, rugged adventure they find one of these rigs to trot out. Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, and Stallone all have at least one. Ralph Lauren has two black ones; the Queen of course, as well as, naturally, Ross Perot and Ted Turner. They've been in a million movies (cf. The Gods Must Be Crazy) and I even found a web site listing a whole page of postage stamps which commemorate the Land Rover! Well. They are slow and noisy and often little things often go wrong, but, the basic transportation never fails. I can run it on gas so whimpy you can barely light it with a match. So, the battery's out. Use the hand crank. Blow a head gasket? The owners manual suggests"tightly packed Savannah grass" as a palliative to get you back to Mombassa. My friend Jim Souby cut a head gasket out of the Whitehorse newspaper in his motel room when he got stranded up in the Yukon a few years back. Try that in your "sport utility" vehicle bucko. Unsurprisingly, the original Land Rovers were designed as farm vehicles; i.e. tractors and can be fitted with a power take off for some farm implements. When I bought this one about 20 years ago it was being used as a dumpster. Given up guessing what the paint job is? A male spawing Brook trout. Eat 'cher heart out Redford.

When you're non- internet friends ask you what the internet is "good for", or what can they get here that they can't find in a library, these arcane, special interst subjects like old tractors, odd ball cars, or wierdo sports are a great examples. Where you gonna find a Landrover part or repair advice, anywhere, anytime? Here are a couple of nice sites for the care and feeding of your Roverboy for instance...

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...and who did Land Rover North America get to do their pin for the Camel Trophy (Mongolia '97?)