The early E-Type Jaguar is the most beautiful production automobile ever made. What's odd is how little dispute there is about this. Go ahead...send in your nominees; at best it will be an argument of whether or not your alternative is really a "production" automobile. And at that, half of them are likely to be earlier Jaguar roadsters! I picked this one up "cheap" over ten years ago, and have it more or less in great shape at last. From the beginning I felt like a design this important should be out on the street where people could see and appreciate it, so, it is developed as a road car not a trailer queen. The numbers don't match and it has some gigantic Italian carburetors on it, not to mention a long legged rear-end and dual point ignition, but, even today with it's light alloy, high winding turbo charged "sports cars", nobody leaves us very far behind, fully capable of 145+mph. It is one of the last automobile designs made which is more or less the conception on one designer, and produced by a company runby one person with the courage of his convictions about how things should look and function. At one time or another almost every design element of the car has been ripped off and grafted onto something else. But, they just don't get it. Today, everything looks like a refrigerator because it is designed by committee. Western civilization is about individualism. Don't let the new agers wear you down.
Learn to tell one old Jaguar from another and get lots of technical advice and sympathy (and Lucas jokes) if you get seduced by the murmuring growl of the hunting cat...

If there is a more beautiful car than the E type perhaps it is the XJ-13 which, if there was any justice in the world, would have been the F type. Why not give Vicarage a jingle and have them whomp you one up...(a mere 195,000 Pounds) or a E or Mark II convertable.

Once you get him up and running, you will need to know where to go... for a good time call this Dutch guy to find out what's neat about our country...

Since Jaguars are really only happy at ton up speeds you will find this site indispensable. The Speed trap registry. I was reminded on the Jag lovers use group to remember that traffic lights that are timed for 30 mph are also in synch at, 60, 90 and 120...sound advice.

Finally, when you settle down to reflect on it all you may need a glass or two of decent whisky. Suggest you check out this great site. Perhaps you will discover how it was that from Scotland the last of the gentlemen privateer racers were able to sweep the 1957 Le Mans in their Ecurie Ecosse blue "D" Types...leaving the factory Ferraris and Maseratis far behind. Chianti just doesn't cut it dream big and go the distance you need a good single malt.

It helps to be Scottish too (we're of the "wilde McGraws")