Notice 22 April 2014


Is down temporarily for purposes of historical revision :~)

Exciting, but extremely voluminous new research gives us some new facts and insights into the creation of the original jeep. We need time to digest the material and ill come forward soon with the ONLY complete history of the creation of the jeep.We will confess up front that some of the material which has been on this page for about 15 years has been overstated and in some points in error. (No worse than anyone esle though :~))

In the meantime, please help us in 2015 celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first jeep ever made, the first jeep to be called a jeep, the first jeep to be commissioned in the Army, and the first jeep to see combat: The Bantam Reconnaisance Car!

Help preserve those wonderful Austins and Bantams (including BRC's and Prewar A7's) Join the Austin Bantam Society Online. $20 Domestic, $25 Intl. Pay Pal or Credit Card.