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The Club

The Austin Bantam Society has members in over forty five states an a good number of foreign countries, including England, Poland, France, Australia, NZ etc. It represents over 550 cars including at least 30 BRC's. It's charter includes not only the American Austins and Bantams but is the only U.S. Club for prewar English Austin 7's and the other prewar cars based on it such as Dixi, Rosengart, Datsun, Swallow etc. The Club is very email friendly with much back and forth advice and information about parts and tech subjects between members. (You will find free advice and parts location much more forthcoming if you join and contribute the very modest membership fee of 20 bucks. If you are asking a lot of questions and not getting very detailed answers it's probably because you haven't joined the Club). Help support the preservation and restoration of these cars and get the bimonthly newsletter Rooster Tails which has been averaging 20 dense packed pages lately. If you have a car or are thinking of getting one, you will make up the money almost immediately.

The Austin Bantam Society

Help preserve those wonderful  Austin and Bantam cars and jeeps

Join the Austin Bantam Society  on-line. $20 Domestic, $25 International. Pay Pal or Credit Card.

Individual sites with good pictures

Lynn James

Lynn is a past President of the Club and is currently a VP. He has perhaps the most honored Austin or Bantam car ever and has won about everything there is to win with it including best in Class at Pebble, and the Presidents Cup from AACA. He has kept his site a lot more current than mine and has filled in where I haven't had time, so, if you are interested in past meets and get togethers and the cars and people you will meet, and has lots of great pictures. Lynn also has been making some fabulous reproduction parts which you will very likely need if you are restoring a car.  


A good number of pictures of various cars (some lifted from here without asking!) turn your sound off...:~). Not sure who this guy is or what his interest in the cars is. I would be a little wary of the links to military vehicle history he offeres up.

Practical, restoration and parts

Joe DeAngelo.If you are restoring a Bantam you are going to be dealing with Joe.

Bantam Trailers Spotters guide.

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