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Never seen any of these great little cars? Well, It's high time you did. Have you got one of these great little cars sitting in the garage? High time you took it out to show the world!

Austin Bantam Shows Coming up

Are you writing something up for the press about a Bantam show? Here are some previously posted press photos you could use in higher resolution (longer download) for your article. Also, here is a previously used but sort of generic press release that could be adapted and updated for the show you are covering.

44th Annual Trophy Meet of the Austin Bantam Society

Roseville, California

October 4 - 7, 2012
(Actual public car show on Saturday the 6th on Main Street of the Roseville Fountains) 

Roseville promises to be a great show with a wide selection of cars. It will be a great opportunity for you to see the wide range of vehicles that American Austin and Bantam put out in their ten year history, including the BRC (the original jeep). If you are a Brit car fan, we also include Austin 7's in our Club, and that wing has been growing dramatically in recent years. The host Hotel will be the Hilton Garden Inn ( 916) 773-7171. with the banquet at the Sierra View Country Club.  The Fountains is a perfect venue for the little cars and will allow you to get some wonderful pictures of these rare cars. Likewise, the Club Store will have a lot of great items celebrating our marques including posters and hats, pins etc. So, get your calendar marked up and come see this rare gathering of one of the most important American cars ever.

If you have an Austin or Bantam or A7 and would like to bring it, please do. We have everything from Pebble Beach winners to untouched barn finds. It's always been a "Come as you are" meet. To show with us however, for insurance reasons you have to be an ABS member, something that can be remedied on the spot.
For full information on this meet and an updated list of past events for both participants and spectators, check out Lynn James lists which is more complete and current than mine, so, no sense in repeating his great coverage. However, I have to mention the great showing of Austins and Bantams at Pebble Beach.


Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2003

American Austins and Bantams as well as other members of the extended Austin family were greatly honored in 2003 to have new classes established for them at The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, where they not only appeared in force (16 cars) and charmed the socks off all the experts there, but nobly acquitted themselves in completeing the "Tour d'Elegance", a fifty mile tour of the Monterey Penenusla which includes 1200 foot climbs (and decents) and tours of the Laguna Seca Raceway. Despite pre-event doubts of some of the organizers, seven of the little 750cc cars started and seven finished, which turned out to be an enviable record. Many more famous, expensive and powerful cars failed to 'make the grade'. For AB fans, this will be one of the great moments in the history of the cars. For more on this memorable event here are some non web events and leads as well as links.

By the Way. The poster above is slightly bogus since I did it myself for my fellow Bantam participants, but, if you want a copy..and they are very neat and will not be available forever... I will print out a very high quality, matte photo paper 13x19 (approx) with archival ink suitable for framing print for 25 dollars and 5 dollars for a tube and mailing. That is about cost when you get down to it. Order it through the Wm Spear Design site. Or directly. Credit cards etc. okay.

 Lynn James very complete coverage of the cars, the events and the people not to mention other links I am too lazy to link up :~).

Smugmug coverage of winning A/B's at Pebble.

Natalie Prcevski's Shutterfly slide show. 74 pictures, mostly of the P-2 and P-1 classes.

A great account of the whole event (including seveal articles by me) is written up in hard copy in the Rooster Tails Newsletter. Here are some of my articles about it which you might enjoy even if you aren't a Bantam fan.

On the Green at Pebble: A Pilgrims Progress

A Letter to Tom: A Bantam's Tour d'Elegance.

Party's over, but what a time. Here's my little '39 Roadster next to Harley Earl's famous Buick "Y Job" at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d"Elegance. A once in a lifetime experience to participate in for restorers and a "must see sometime" event for all car lovers.

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