It's first show...

Here is what the patient looked like in early October at the Pacific Bantam and Austin Club meet in Sutter Creek, California. We hauled it up just to see if there was any interest, and there was, especially from interested members of the public strolling through the show. It wasn't there in the judged category or anything.

As you can see, Paul has the whole engine rebuilt, and we found a transmission and transfer case in Butler PA of all places. The radiator had to be recored and have new tanks made, and I just could not afford the $1,500 required to have the exact same cooling fin pattern made and assembled by hand, so, you're just going to have to like it the way it is. The next owner will surely want to spend some money doing that eh?

Note the 4 wheel steerin column. Boy, I don't know where I would start looking for one of those if I had to have one.

To get this thing running under it's own power we nee




What about it folks, anybody out there have any of these?