Useful Addresses

(updated 23 November 2001)

If you have an address of interest to Austin/Bantam people, let me know and I'll post it. Likewise, if you have information, cars or parts for sale, comments, snapshots, let me know and I'll post.

Pacific Bantam Austin Club (PBAC)

Has about 300 members and a fine newsletter called "RoosterTails"....For infornation about the club contact LYNN JAMES, or NORM BOOTH, two very nice guys willing to tell you about the Club and it's advantages and activities.

Lynn James
290 Oso Ave
Tracy, CA 95376
209-835-6662 (home, Pacific time)


Norm Booth

1589 N Grand Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104

Equally as active with perhaps even more members who can help you out with Austins and Bantams anf a really good Newlsletter this Club has a more "East of the Missisppi" bent...most of us are members of both :~)

The American Austin/Bantam Club (AABC)

The American Austin/Bantam Club (AABC)
Marylyn Sanson
724 maple drive
Kirkville, NY 13082

Has a newsletter and materials for sale, including the underwood book.

A good Contact here would be

Bob Brandon

499 N. Duffy Road

Butler, PA


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